Our Engines 

Sandwell Lady

Sandwell Lady is based on a narrow gauge Hunslet locomotive and was built by the members of the society at Sandwell Collage whilst attending a model engineering course.  They made a fine job of it, naming it 'Sandwell Lady' as a tribute to the college and completing it in the late 1980s. It is popular with visitors to the Wythall site and a powerful passenger hauler. It is one of the mainstays of the Wythall passenger operation since the opening in 1998. This locomotive had an overhaul in the Autumn of 2019 by our hardworking members and volunteers.

Black 5 Number 5241

This amazing 7.25" Stanier 'Black Five' was built to the 'Highlander' design. It was donated to the society by Mr J Featherstone of Wythall. A professional church organ restorer, modeller and model engineer of outstanding ability. EMES members were bowled over by the man's generosity. Work was required to enable the society to use this loco. The boiler had to come out of the frames to be inspected by the boiler inspector, which it passed with flying colours. A coat of paint and it was ready for service. It is one of the main stays of the Wythall passenger operation and very popular among the club members. Unfortunately, it failed its boiler test in the autumn of 2019 and is currently awaiting an overhaul and new boiler when the club has the resources. This Engine is Undergowing an Overhaul and will launch again in 2021 Covid 19 Permitting. Check our Facebook for updates on this project!

The Petrol

This locomotive originally ran at the Brean Central Railway and was purchased by the society in 2009. It has been a reliable locomotive ever since, used on quieter running days and portable track events. The locomotive was based on a 3ft gauge Hunset Bord Na Mona Wagon Master and originally painted in blue. It is powered by a Honda GX170 petrol engine. The Petrol was repainted in 2015 in Great Western Green which gave the engine a vibrant new look. (seen on the right in its original livery)


Nigel, the society's 71/4” gauge 0-4-0 Hercules is a tank engine designed by Dick Simmonds. The society was in a position to purchase the engine in 2014 through a very kind gesture from the late Nigel Squires, a good friend of a society member. This engine is well suited to onsite running thanks to its generous cylinder bore and short wheelbase and is the ideal for engine for short notice running. It is also well suited to portable track work and can easily fit in the back of an estate car.



Nefyn is the latest addition to the Wythall fleet. It was purchased by the society to relieve the load on our other service engines. It is to the Remus design making it a favourite in the model engineering community. It is powerful and easy to service making it a great engine for the society.